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PROJECT Trio = William Tell Overture
PROJECT Trio at Interlochen - Greg Pattillo, Eric Stephenson, Peter Seymour
PROJECT Trio - Sweet Pea

Performing High Energy, Top Quality Music

Combining the virtuosity of world-class artists with the energy of rock stars, PROJECT Trio is breaking down traditional ideas of chamber music. The genre-defying Trio is acclaimed by the press as “packed with musicianship, joy and surprise” and “exciting a new generation of listeners about the joys of classical and jazz music.”

Gramophone Magazine recently singled out the group as “an ensemble willing and able to touch on the gamut of musical bases ranging from Baroque to nu-Metal and taking in pretty much every stylism in between,” while The Wall Street Journal hailed the Trio for their “wide appeal, subversive humor and first-rate playing.” The New York Times has called beatboxing flutist Greg Pattillo “the best in the world at what he does.

The Trio was forged out of a collective desire to draw new and diverse audiences by performing high energy, top quality music. Using social media to broaden their reach beyond the concert stage and classroom, the Trio has its own YouTube channel, which has over 77 million views and 85,000 subscribers, making PROJECT Trio one of the most watched instrumental ensembles on the internet.

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